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21 August 2005
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Here are 648 reviews from my newsletter  
123 Free Solitaire 2004 - 12 card games to pass the time 
125 Tips for Windows 98 - you'll never guess where they came from 
2004 State of the Computing Industry 
2005 Planner - realistic looking personal planner e-book 
2005 Top 100 Sites - from PC Magazine 
2xExplorer - a file explorer for power users 
4t Tray Minimizer Free - minimize programs into the system tray 
550 Access Toolbar - block popups and enables automatic logon to websites 
602PC Suite - MSOffice alternative 
7-Zip - file compression manager 
A new, more sneaky phishing attack 
A Virus From The Dead - here's a tough sucker to get rid of 
A2 Free - kills trojans, dialers, worms, and spyware 
ABCAudio - easily convert WAV to MP3 
AbiWord - word processing for everyone 
AbsoluteAstronomy - it's in your stars 
AccountLogon - logon to your web accounts with one click 
Adaware SE Personal - a new version of Adaware spyware removal program 
Ad-Aware SE Personal 1_06 - a new version is released 
Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 - update your Acrobat to fix a security hole 
Ad-supported software vs Adware - what's the difference_ 
Advanced Diary - an excellent freeware diary 
Advanced Effect Maker - easily create flash banners for your website 
Agent Ransack - Super fast file search utility 
AI Roboform - fills in web forms and website logins 
Allexperts_com - ask me anything 
All-in-One Secretmaker - mulitfunction security tool 
AnalogX DLL Archive - clean up unused dll files 
Anger Central - angriest place on the web 
Angry Alien Productions - 30 second feature films starring bunnies 
Answers dot com - find the answers to many questions 
Answers That Work - help desk website 
AntiVir - free antivirus protection 
AntiVir Personal Edition - free home antivirus protection 
AOLpress - wysiwyg web publishing tool 
Arrange a room @ Better Homes and Gardens 
ASAP Utilities - free MS Excel tools 
ASCII Browser - a service from drunken men 
Ask-Leo_com - pc help for all 
a-squared HiJackFree - detect and remove malware 
Attack of the Drones - how the army will fight our next war 
Autoruns_exe - system startup viewer_controller 
Avant Browser - easy surfer 
avast! Home Edition - why pay for virus protection_ 
AVG Antivirus - Free Edition 
AVG Anti-Virus plus Firewall (Beta) - a new firewall from a trusted source 
Babble - is just like the game _Boggle_ 
BackRex Internet Explorer Backup 
Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner - fast scanning for problems 
Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit 
Best Anti-Spyware apps - from CastleCops 
Beta-Theta_com - educational website 
Beware the Fake Microsoft Windows Update - a tip from Aunty Spam 
BHO Demon 2_0 - Control IE toolbars and Helpers 
BigFix Consumer Edition - fix the security on your PC 
BitTorrent - a new way to share and download files 
BK ReplaceEM - easy text replacements in multiple files 
Blender - make 3d modeling for graphics and animations 
Body Mass Index Calculator - find out if you are too fat 
Bookmark Master - Favorites bookmark manager 
BookWormZ - a fun game to develop your vocabulary 
BootDisk_com - more than just disk help 
Breaking The Law - removing Digital Rights Management_ 
Browser Extension Manager - get control of IE's extensions and toolbars 
Browser Speed Comparisons - who's got the fastest web browser_ 
BrowserTraySwitch - a cool way to switch between browsers 
BugGuide_net - what is that ugly looking thing_ 
Bugmenot_com - database of login names and passwords 
Burn4Free - CD & DVD copier software 
Buttonmania - button creator for websites 
Caiman - a freeware gamer's paradise 
Calendar of Updates - what programs need updated_ 
Can't Hide - process viewer _ manager 
Capture Error Messages in Windows 
Capture Me - timed screen shots for tutorials or spying 
Cascade DTP - web page editor using CSS 
Cat Litter Cake 
CCleaner - system optimisation tool 
CDBurnerXP Pro - an very good cd creation tool 
CDrecord - free cd and dvd burning tools 
CelticKnot - cool graphic screen saver 
cgi_hauntedhouse_com - a scary place to look for scary things 
Check Printer - what Quicken and MSMoney are missing 
Check your Mail Security - Outlook & Outllook Express 
ClamWin - a free antivirus scanner from SourceForge 
Clean Ram - memory managaer 
CleanSoftware_org - free software, no nasties 
Clif Notes adds a search tool to his review archive 
Clif Notes Newsletter Review Archive - a list of all these reviews in one place 
Clif Notes Toolbar - integrated search and RSS feed to my newsletter 
Clif's Email Rant 
ClipDiary - a very good Windows clipboard history tool 
Clipomatic - clipboard manager 
ClipPath - explorer menu extension 
ClockLink_com - free clock for your website 
Comments from last week's newsletter 
Compufiles_com - cool freeware directory 
Computer Help Club - if you need fast help for your PC, free 
Context Menu Extensions for Internet Explorer 
Cookie Viewer - what cookies has your PC eaten 
Copernic Desktop Search - search for files on your PC almost instantly 
CopyShell - right click on files and get the system path 
CPick - color picker 
cPicture LE - viewing and working with your digital photos 
Crazythoughts_com - Can you get cornered in a round room_ 
Critical Mass - a galaga like shootem up game 
Crucial System Scanner - what ram is on my pc_ 
Cryptext - file encryption utility 
Crytainer LE - encrypted virtual drives 
Customized License Plates, Tombstones, Valentine Heart Candies and others 
CWShredder 2_0 - the return of a vital antispyware tool 
Daily Dilbert - comic strip sent via email 
dBPowerAmp - the swiss army knife of music converters 
Dealing with Unwanted Spyware and Parasites 
Decent Downloads - a great place to find freeware and talk about freeware 
Decent Downloads - very nice freeware site 
DELETE DOCTOR - Delete Files that are hard to delete 
Delindex - remove your temporary internet files 
Desktop Calendar - a simple way to keep up with events 
Desktop SideBar - quick launch and mulitmedia utility 
Detect Keylogger - find the spy 
Did you hear that they shut down the internet_ 
Digger XP - a dig-dug look alike 
DirHtml - creates a webpage index of files 
Disasteroids 3D - revisit an old classic redone in style 
Diskeeper Lite - Hard Disk Defragger 
DivX Player with DivX Codec - viewer and encoder for a common movie format 
Doc Memory - diagnose memory chips 
Don't throw away your old PC 
Download_com removes the adware - finally 
Download_com Spyware Center - helpful advice and programs for spyware problems 
Downloads Machine - freeware with a difference 
Drive by Download - article by Eric L_ Howes 
DriverFiles_net - download device drivers for the PC 
DVD Shrink - DVD backup utility 
Earthlink Toolbar - block popups, search Google, and be alert to scam websites 
Easy Message - Unified IM for ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, and Aol 
EasyBrowse Platinum 
EasyCleaner - an easy way to unclog your pc 
EasyOffice - an MSOffice compatible suite of programs 
EasyRead - toolbar for IE lets you read at any size you want 
EditPad Lite - a text editor with valuable extra's 
Eliza - computerized psychotherapist 
Email Icon Generator - cool way to show your email addy 
eMessenger_net - check all your IM's online 
EMusic - Spybot S&D finds a new problem_ 
EndItAll - process killer 
Eric Howes' Privacy & Security Page - university professor and security expert 
ErrorGuard - is worse than no guard 
ERUNT - The Emergency Recovery Utility NT 
ETextViewer - help for reading long text files 
Everest Home Edition - what's in your PC_ 
evolvEd Text Editor - simple text and highlighted keyword editor 
Ewido Security Suite - scan for trojans your anti-virus didn't see 
Examples of Bad Email Messages 
Expression 3 - Vector based graphic editor 
Extract Icons - icon extractor program 
Faerun - interactive swords and sorcery stories 
Fass - Forum Assistant - BBCode editor and viewer 
Fass - Forum Assistant - BBCode editor_viewer 
Fass tutorial from Clif 
FastStone Pacman - run for your life 
FBI's new internet tracking software 
File Association Editor - control how your files open 
File Sharing - what is it_ is it safe_ 
Filebar is a program that you do not want 
FileNote - add notes about your files 
Filezilla - upload and download files via ftp 
Find Product (CD) Key - for old PC's 
Flexible Renamer - batch file renaming 
Florida Voting Machine Joke 
Folder View - easy file browsing to your favorite folders 
FontList - list and view all your installed fonts 
Foobar2000 - audio player 
Fort Freeware @ Quantam Illusions - lots of freeware links 
ForumForFree_com - create you own place to talk 
Foxit PDF Reader - open up PDF's faster 
FoxMail - free full featured mail client 
FrameFun - add frames, borders, shadows to your pics 
Fraud Eliminator - Anti-Phishing Software Protects Consumers from Fraud 
Free Antivirus_ Finally Ready for Prime Time 
Free Download Manager - gets your downloads and keeps them organized 
Free Services and Programs for U_S_ Tax Time 
Free SpyScanner 8_0_5 - is rogue anti-spyware_ 
Free Web Buttons - easily make buttons for your website 
Free Web Hosting - Search for free website providers 
Free Web Site -- Blogger_com -- Part 1 
FreeButtons_org - free web button_menu creator 
FreeCard 2_0 - make you own greeting cards 
FreeFoto_com - cool pics for free 
FreePOPs - bring all your web mail into Outlook Express 
FreeRAM XP Pro 1_4 - memory optimizer 
Freeware Arena - no ads, no spyware, nothing but true freeware 
Freeware Book - a directory of freeware websites 
Freeware Book - e-book listing many freeware websites 
Freeware4you - a site dedicated to freeware 
Free-Webhosts_com - a great search engine for webhosts 
Fresh Download - a good free download accelerator 
FrontPage Express - old freeware web page editor 
G Spot - determine codec required to play avi file 
Gadwin PrintScreen - screen capture utility 
Galaxies Screen Saver 
George's Freeware Review Page 
GMail Drive - set up a free hard drive online 
GMail is expanding - get your new GMail account here 
GMail tips - find out the best ways to use GMail 
GNU_Linux alternatives to proprietary software products 
Google Cheat Sheet - find out how to get real results 
Google Desktop Search - find everything on your pc 
Google Earth - Explore, Search and Discover 
Google Library - 5 university libraries indexed by Google 
Google Local - look for businesses close to home 
Google Maps beta - endless oceans_ 
Google Suggest - the search engine with the gift of gab 
GoogleAdBegone - get rid of all the ads in your browser 
Google's Advanced Search - seek out and find what no man has found before 
Google's file type search - with funny results 
Graphic Vault - almost 5000 images to use anywhere 
GreenBrowser - a feature rich tabbed browser 
Grouper - file sharing PC to PC with your friends 
GT Ripple - wallpaper water effects 
Hacked Web Sites Used To Install Parasites - Spyware Weekly Newsletter 
Halloween Stuff 
HamsterDance - little creatures dancing and singing 
HandySnap - screen capture tool 
Help_com Firewall Basics - a free online class about firewalls 
Help_com free online course - Combatting Spam and Spyware 
Help2Go Detective - automated HiJackThis log file analysis 
Hex Editor - Free Binary File Editing 
HiJack This Log File - system analysis website 
HiJackThis - rid yourself of spyware, adware, and other nasties 
HiJackThis Tutorial - from Download_com 
History of Nations - where in the world are you from_ 
Hoax-Slayer - a great place to check out the newest email hoaxes 
Home Bookeeping Lite - keeps track of household expenses 
Home Computer Security - Website Help 
HOSTEdit - an all in one tool for handling HOSTS files 
HostMan 1_2 - easily manage your hosts file 
HOSTS File Reader - windows hosts file editor, toggler 
HotKeyControlXP - save yourself some typing 
HoverIP - internet information tools 
HoverSnap - screen capture tools 
How do I delete and reinstall Microsoft Internet Explorer_ 
How do Internet search engines work_ 
How not to install software - Paperghost warns us 
How to make a Default Stationery in Outlook Express 
HTML Quick Edit Bar - easiest web editing around 
HTMLfixit - a website for help with website design 
HTMLGate FREE - all in one html editor 
iamnotageek HijackThis Log Analyzer - another tool to fight spyware infection 
IceRocket_com - cool search engine 
IconArt - icon and cursor creator 
iDailyDiary - a fully graphic and web compatible diary 
IdiomSite - find out why you say what you say 
IE Fix - try this when your browser messes up 
ieSpell - check your spelling while online 
Image Desktop - view only the picture 
ImageCave - a simple way to host your images for free 
ImageStation_com - Sony's free photo hosting service 
IMPS The Relentless - a new Star Wars movie made by fans 
Index_dat Suite - remove all traces of past web surfing 
Inside Outlook Express - need help with your email_ 
InstallSpy v2_0 - track changes to your pc 
IntelliEdit - a great replacement for WordPad 
Internet Explorer Privacy & Security Settings - a full how-to on surfing safely with IE 
Internet Explorer Tweaking Guide - covering all the changes with XP SP2 
Internet Spy - where have your kids been surfing_ 
Internetfixes_com - a great resource for free help 
IntregrityCheck System Analysis - how safe are you_ 
Irfanview - graphic viewer _ converter 
Irfanview extensions - addon for Irfanview editor 
Is my hard drive going bad_ 
Is your copy of Windows genuine and are you afraid to find out_ 
Itty Bitty Process Manager - view and show others running processes on your pc 
Jan's Freeware Site - programs by the author but for the people 
Jet Audio Basic - a great multimedia player 
Jetico Personal Firewall - a good firewall that could use more work 
Jotti's malware scan - send a suspect file out to be scanned 
Just Basic 1_0 - windows programming language 
Just Right Click Greeting Card - create and print personalized greeting cards 
JustZIPit - Free WinZip Replacement 
Karen and Cookies - what are internet cookies 
Karen's Snooper - system program logger 
Keep your favorite CD's handy - make virtual CD drives on your PC 
Kevin's Home Page - feeling right at home with good tips 
Kill all processes - using a call to a system dll 
Kim's 10 Commandments for Kids Online 
Klik Safe - quickly put IE into safe surfing mode 
K-Meleon - an easy to use brother to FireFox 
K-Meleon - small safe alternative to internet explorer 
Kodak EasyShare 
Konfabulator Freeware - Yahoo buys it and gives it away 
Kyodai v1_21 - freeware solitaire mahjongg 
Lame - convert WAV to MP3 easily 
Langa List - I loaded the code 
Last Freeware Version at 321download_com - Freeware website 
LC Iso Creator - a quick and easy way to rip CD iso files 
Leak Test - see how well your firewall protects you 
Lektora - browser plugin turns IE and FF into RSS newsreader 
Linux Live CD List - try Linux without an install 
List of Lists - cool website links 
Look@Win - Installation + System change detection (Win9x, ME only) 
LSPfix - fix your broken internet connection 
Lucid - add transparency effects to almost any window 
LyricFX - plugin for WinAmp displays song lyrics automatically 
Mac Mini - get a Macintosh computer for $500 
MAH JONGG SOLITAIRE - play a 3000 year old game 
Mail2Web - pick up your pop3 email from any computer 
Mailinator_com - give everyone your email address 
Malwhere - turns away from the darkside 
Mandelbrot - generate psychedelic images on your pc 
Manually install the Backup utility in Windows XP Home 
Mario Forever - rescue the princess all over again 
Martha's Web - are you a responsible computer user_ 
Mazeguy's Smiley Speech Balloon Creator 
Memtest86 - A Stand-alone Memory Diagnostic 
Mendosa_com - funny Bible and World history by students 
Mentally Challenged - true stories of low intelligence in action 
Merge - take two pictures and blend them together 
Merriam Webster's Concise Dictionary - free dowloadable dictionary 
Merriam Webster's Concise Dictionary - free downloadable dictionary 
Metty - metatag generator for webpages 
Microdesk - use virtual desktops on your PC 
Microsoft advises IE users to uninstall Netscape 8 
Microsoft Anti-spyware to remain free 
Microsoft JPG vulnerability flaw 
Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool 
Microsoft offers tabbed browsing--in IE 6 - a new function of the MSN toolbar 
Microsoft Trial Software - new time limited software 
Microsoft Update KB891711 causing problems for Win98 and WinME 
Microsoft Windows XP Video Decoder Checkup 
Microsoft's 'Secret' Zip Utilities 
Mindgames - over 40 freeware games 
Miranda IM - a multiple chat program, talk to all of your friends 
MisterGeek_com - hosts the _Geek of the Week_ awards 
ModemSite_com - Your one stop shop for help with modems 
Montage-a-google - creates a photo montage from an image search 
MountVD - virtual drives for MyComputer 
Mouse Emulator - keyboard mouse 
Moveit - move installed applications to another hard drive 
mpTrim - remove parts of mp3 files 
MrPostman - download webmail from Yahoo and Hotmail into Outlook Express 
MRU-Blaster - remove all traces of recently used files 
MS AntiSpyware vs Ad-Aware vs SpyBot - review by FlexBeta_net 
MSN Phishing Scam still making the rounds 
Municipal Broadband_ Corporate or Local Control_ 
MWSnap - get a snapshot of your pc 
Neave_com - cool stuff from a bored flash artist 
Neave_com - free classic flash games 
Net Snippets Free Edition - grab pieces of the web and put them where you want 
Net Transport - Download Manager 
Netscape Browser Beta - using FireFox and IE rendering engines 
Never Trust an Update 'Til You Look It In The Eye 
New Microsoft Security Warning Affects Large Number of Windows 
Newbie dot Org - a good place for help 
News of the Weird 
Nigerian Scam Email - sometimes they can be very funny 
NoteTab Lite - the ultimate notepad replacement 
NTest - the Nokia monitor test 
Nvu - a complete web authoring system 
Obfusticated Email Link Creator - stop the spam bots 
Oddly Enough - strange happenings across the world 
Oldversion_com - Find long lost programs 
Once-A-Day - a new power tool from KarenWare 
Online with a new PC_ 
Open Office - MS Office alternative 
Opting Out of the Major Ad Cookies 
Outlook Express - HTML editor 
Outlook Express Tweaker - change hidden settings in OE 
Paint_NET - excellent free replacement for MS Paint 
Painter25 - Graphics editor 
Panda ActiveScan - scan for viruses and spyware 
Panda Quick Remove - get rid of viruses and worms 
PaperAirplanes_org - make some paper fly 
Partition Logic - freeware hard disk partition tool 
Password Generator - one password to rule them all 
Password Safe - small program for keeping secret passwords 
PC Info 4 U - a nice little website with good information links 
PC Wizard - what's in your PC_ 
PCinfo4u - a nice place to look around 
PCPitstop - free pc help and fixes 
PDFCreator - creates pdf files from anything you can print 
Penguin Panic at SafeDownloads dot net - play games with adware 
Perfect Keylogger Lite - Do you need to spy on your family_ 
PhotoPlus - image and photo editing 
PhotoSite_com and PhotoSite AlbumBuilder 
Photosnoop - find no-no pictures on your pc 
Picasa - photo album and photo effects editor 
Picture Shark - stamp or watermark images 
Pivot - Stickfigure animator 
Pizza with double meat - not a joke 
Ponderations I and II - famous wise quotes 
Popular Science - a good magazine and great website 
PowerPoint Viewer - good freeware from Microsoft 
Prevx Home - _zero day_ infection protection 
Pricelessware Definitions - definitions of types of software 
PrintKey2000 - the easiest to use screen capture tool yet 
Priviledges Risk & Logon - do not surf as administrator in Windows XP 
ProcessLibrary_com - what's in your task manager_ 
PSPad - html and programmer text editor 
Qnext - instant messaging and p2p file sharing 
Qualys' Free Browser Checkup - can you be hijacked_ 
Qualys' Free Browser Checkup - is your web browser an easy target_ 
QuickSend - copy web page text and send it in quick emails 
Quicktime Alternative - Get rid of the bloated Apple QuickTime application 
Qwik-Fix Pro - protection before infection 
RagTime Solo - Desktop Publishing Software 
Rain - cool off your CPU 
Rainlender - desktop calendar 
RAM Medic Free - ram memory optimizer 
Rampage - ram management tool 
Random Personal Picture Finder - browse images from across the world 
Rapidshare - free temporary file hosting 
Real Alternative - Goodbye forever to Real Player _ Real One _ Real Headaches 
Real ID Act passed in US Senate 
Real Player - Real Bad Software 
Real-time Protection - what programs are available and how good are they 
Recommended Minimal Security Settings for IE 
Reflet - image reflections in webpages 
RegCleaner - easy to use registry cleaner 
Registrar Lite - registry editor 
Registry Commander - alternative to regedit 
RegmagiK - a registry editor for advanced users (special offer) 
RegmagiK - a registry editor for advanced users 
RegSeeker - cleans the Windows registry 
RegShell - Graphical Interface to RegSvr32 
Renovators_com - spruce up the old house 
Re-ordering the Favorites in IE - put them all in alphabetical order 
Reset XP user account passwords 
Respect2Glory at Xanga_com - help for the soul 
Restore Desktop - helps put desktop icons back where you had them 
Revenge of the Sith - Cyberguide's opinion of the new Star Wars movie 
Reviews of Spyware Removal Programs 
RewardTV_com - watch tv, answer questions correctly to earn points 
RndSkin - WinAmp controls in your system tray 
Rogue Anti-Spyware - programs and websites that hurt instead of help 
RSS Feeds Toolbar for Microsoft Internet Explorer - keep up with your news 
RTM86_com - visual personal web log 
Sandboxie - surf the net, don't worry about being hijacked 
SaveIt! - Password protect any Windows Program 
Saving attachments in Outlook Express 
Scanit Browser Security Test - can you safely surf the big bad web_ 
Science Magazine's 125 Questions 
Science on TV from Nova - must see TV and Web 
Screamer Radio - record and listen to internet radio streams 
Screensaver_com & Freeze_com - download screensavers, themes, adware and spyware 
Screenshot of Windows Longhorn - from Scot's Newsletter 
Scroogle - search the net without ads 
SecureWorld Beta - competition for Adaware_ 
Security Issues for Windows and IE - tips from mvps_org 
SendToFTP - right click and send files to your websites 
Shake the Snow Globe - and listen to them scream 
ShellExView - view all Windows shell extensions 
Shiftedreality_com - cool pictures that are not natural 
Shopping - All the shoppin links for a serious shopper 
ShortKeys Lite - keyboard macros 
Should people be allowed to sell viruses_ 
SiDiaryWin and SiDiaryPPC - monitor your diabetes 
Silent Runner - list all the auto run programs and bho's 
Simply Transparent - make 95, 98, ME icon labels transparent 
SingingFish_com - search for media files on the internet 
Site Verify Tools - don't be a victim of spoofed websites 
SIW - system information tool 
Skwyrul - personal information manager (pronounced _squirrel_) 
Slash Through the Data Jungle - Google tips from the Digital Duo 
Sleipnir - tabbed web browsing from Japan 
SlimBrowser - tabbed web browser 
Smart Format - 3_5_ Floppy disk formatter 
SmartClose - a good replacement for EndItAll 
Smiley Vault - freeware smiley gifs 
Snapfiles_com Freeware - a safe place to find freeware 
Snopes_com - find out if the email is true 
Snowbird Search - lighting fast file search utility 
Soople_com - an easy way to use advanced Google searches 
SourceForge_net - home of open source free software 
Space_com News - what's happening above us_ 
SpaceWeather dot com - find out when the auroras are shining 
Spam_la - Don't give spammers your email address 
Spell Checker For OE 
Splitter light 4_0 - the very small file splitting utility 
Spoofing, Spam, and Phishing email in Outlook Express 
SpoofStick - make sure you are at the right site 
Spy Chaser - look before you install freebies 
Spybot S&D - seeks and destroys adware and spyware 
Spybot S&D 1_4 - new and improved version for stopping adware and spyware 
Spyware - How to remove all Spyware, Adware and Malware from your computer 
Spyware Blaster - prevent Spyware from installing 
Spyware Blaster 3_2 - protect against bad websites 
Spyware Doctor - free spyware scanner 
Spyware Doctor using deceptive advertising_ 
Spyware Obstacle Course II - anti-spyware contests 
Spyware Sweeper Spyware Remover 
SpywareGuard - a spyware shield 
Squashed Philosophers - a compressed learning experience 
Stand Alone applications are Power, Arm yourself 
STAR WARS_ DUALITY AND BEYOND - can't get enough of Star Wars 
Startup Inspector for Windows - Research unknown startup programs 
Startup Monitor - a watchdog against auto-starts 
Startup Program Loading - Where do things load from_ How do you stop them_ 
StartupRun - control Windows startup entries 
Starware Toolbar - a toolbar from the guys who made Comet Cursors 
StarWars Revelations - a cool movie made by the fans 
StationRipper - get songs from 100's of radio stations 
sTile - create seemless tiles for web backgrounds 
Stinger - remove the sting from virus and trojan infections 
Straitdope_com - get the real story here 
StrangeBanana - a random webpage template generator 
StripMail - remove forwarding marks _____ 
StumbleUpon_com - find cool websites almost effortlessly 
subfolder - create new file folders faster 
SubhashVCD Player - Multimedia Player on Steroids 
Sun Java sandbox vulnerability - you need to update now! 
Sun Java security flaws - update now 
Switch - audio file conversion tool 
Switch Off - control the pc from the system tray 
Sysinfo_org registry key help 
TaskMan - General purpose task manager 
Taskmanager_exe - a good replacement for Taskmon in Win9x 
TClockEx - add the date and more to your system tray 
Tech Books for Free - you can afford to learn at this price 
Temerc Internet Countermeasures - help protecting your security and privacy 
Terraserver - aerial views of the United States 
The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities - a great list from Tech Support Alert 
The best Webcomics of 2004 
The Darwin Awards - too stupid to survive 
The EZ-Emoticons Challenge - make a program run without spyware installing 
The Freeware Publishing Site - a cool place to find good programs 
The Freeware Publishing Site 
The many colors of Outlook Express - get more than 16 colors in your text 
The Portable Freeware Collection - a great place for great freeware 
The Spyware Warrior Guide to Anti-Spyware Programs 
thefreecountry_com - Free Programmers, Webmasters and Security Resources 
Thunderbird tutorial - a very good tutorial for first time users 
TiddlyWiki - a neat way to keep your notes 
Tidy Start Menu - a quick and easy way to organize your programs 
TidyDesk - a fast way to clear your desktop 
TimeTrek - time to wake up 
TinyApps_org - small is beautiful 
tinySpell - checks your spelling in any application 
Tips for Internet Explorer - name and password get you in fast 
Toledo Zoo - a cool website but better in person 
TongueWag_com - a blog and chat site with great publishing tools 
Total Uninstall - keep your system clean 
TrackEngine - keeping up to date on your favorite sites 
Transparent Window Manager - manage your window settings 
TransURL - Filter goofy Hotmail URL's 
TreeSize 1_72 - Directory size viewer 
Trillian Basic - all in one instant messaging client 
Trojan Simulator 
TrueDownloader - a nice open source download manager 
TrueSpace 3 - 3d modeling and animation 
TrueWallet - remembers website logins and credit card info 
TutorialFind - a website that helps you find help 
Tutorials from bleepingcomputer 
Tutorials_ Defending against Spyware_Hijacker Software 
TweakNow RegCleaner - clean up your pc 
TweakUI - the first tweaking program for Windows 
Ulead Gif Animator - freeware version 
Ultimate Boot CD - system emergency recovery 
Ultimate Paint - graphic editor 
UnFREEz - animated gifs made easy 
Unknown Devices - a quick way to find drivers for pci devices 
UNOFFICIAL Windows98 Second Edition Service Pack 
Unwantedlinks_com - a great source for spyware information 
UR I_T_ Mate - a great place for free web services and freeware 
Urban Legends at About_com - do you really believe your email_ 
URL Spoofing - An Ounce Of Prevention 
URL Spy - keeps you informed of website changes 
Using Thunderbird For RSS Subscriptions 
Vemail - send voice emails to your friends 
VersionBackup - freeware PC backup software 
Viewpoint Toolbar v2_0 - searching the internet with big brother watching 
Virtual CloneDrive - run virtual cd's on your hard drive 
Virus Scanners tested and rated 
Virus you'll never see on your PC - jokes from IndiaTimes_com 
W3 Anonymous Remailer - send secret email 
Warning Forever! - Shootem up 2d game 
watchthatpage_com - tracking changes on your favorite websites 
WCPUID_exe - PC processor and chipset identifier 
Weather_noaa_gov - get your local weather without advertisements 
Web Directory - Steve King's best of the web finds 
Web Site Basics - Help_com teaches you how to make a web site 
Webshots - see the fall colors on your desktop 
Webtime 2000 - pc time synchronizer 
Weekly System Maintenance - a tip from me to you 
What is a podcast_ 
What is Intrusion Detection Software_ - techsupportalert_com 
What is MSCONFIG_ - get control of your startup programs 
What is Spyware_ 
What is True Freeware_ 
What's new for IE under Windows XP SP2_ 
WheresJames OE Archiver - Mail Backup Utility 
Who profits from security holes_ - show me the money 
wikiHow - a do it yourself site that you can edit 
Willie's Wacky Website - a source for good clean funny jokes 
WinAlarm - Simple Reminder Program 
Winamp - freeware multimedia player 
WindowHTML - put real looking _Windows_ in your webpages or email 
Windows AntiSpyware Beta - try Microsofts newest protector 
Windows Media Encoder 9 Series - record your every move 
Windows Update Already Installed - article from Marc Liron 
Windows Worms Door Cleaner - How to survive the next big worm attack 
Windows XP Maintenance and Troubleshooting - Spring Cleaning for XP 
Windows XP Security Console - lock out features for other users on your WinXP 
WindowsGuard 2005 Free Edition - locking access to Windows features 
WindowsXP_mvps_org - Registry Fixes, Utilities, Illustrations and Tweaks 
WinDriversBackup v1_09 - backup all your system drivers 
Winguard Pro 2004 - lock down your PC 
Wink - easily create your own flash animated tutorials 
WinMorph - change your cat into a dog 
WinPatrol - puts you back in control of your PC 
WinPatrol - time to get an updated copy 
Winret - Backup and restore for Windows, Outlook, and IE_ 
WinSonar - protection against unknown programs 
Winsonar 2004 - Protection against unknown programs 
WinTricks - Windows tips, tricks and secrets 
Winwall - rotate your desktop wallpapers automatically 
WinXP Services - remove what you don't need 
WinXPatch v0_1 - tweak XP till you're blue in the face 
WinZip being Hacked_ 
Wizard of Oz Books -online books 
Words to know - pc and internet security definitions 
WordWeb - call up a dictionary from almost any program 
WoundedMoon_org - list of freeware programs that are hard to find 
WYSIWYG Web Builder - a new free web page editor 
XCleaner Free - a not so great antispy package from XBlock 
XDesk - virtual desktop manager 
XNView - view and convert hundreds of graphic file types 
XP SP2 e-book - download a helpful guide to WinXP's Service Pack 2 
XP-Antispy - Disables Microsoft reporting software in WinXp 
XPedition - how to set up a freeware pc 
XPlite - trim the fat out of XP 
xplorer2 lite - freeware successor to 2xExplorer file manager 
X-RayPc Spyware Remover - a smart replacement for HiJackThis_ 
X-Setup Pro - Registry Tweaker 
XVI32 - hex editor 
Yahoo Mail - was good then and is getting better 
Yahoo Toolbar for Firefox - integrated search, access to email and chat 
Yahoo! Toolbar BETA with Anti-Spy - Internet Explorer toolbar 
Yankee Clipper III - clipboard extender 
YouSendIt_com - file transfer website 
Zango - You don't need it 
Zeliah at Xanga_com - help for the heart 
ZipALot - unzip multiple zip files all at once 
ZPaint - Button maker and 3d effects 
ZSoft Uninstaller - a new program to help get rid of other programs 
Zzoom - screen magnifier, color picker, screen capture 

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