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 Games Eliza - computerized psychotherapist
I found this program back in the 1970's and I programmed it into an old TI99-4a (micro computer). It gave me hours and hours of fun. The program itself is very simple but sometimes you really wonder if the ghost of some psychiatrist has snuck into your PC.
Quote from Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Eliza (Weizenbaum, 1966) was one of the first AI programs and, at the time, it impressed the people who used it.
The name Eliza was chosen as "it" could learn to talk increasingly well as did Eliza of Pygmalion fame.
You asked Eliza questions and she (it?) responded.

Here is a sample script from an Eliza session

Person : Men are all alike.
ELIZA : In what way?
Person : They're always bugging us about something or other.
ELIZA : Can you think of a specific example?
Person : Well, my boyfriend made me come here.
ELIZA : Your boyfriend made you come here?
Person : He says I'm depressed much of the time.
ELIZA : I am sorry to hear that you are depressed.
Person : It's true. I am unhappy.
ELIZA : Do you think coming here will help you not to be unhappy?
Person : I need some help, that much seems certain.
ELIZA : What would it mean to you if you got some help?
Person : Perhaps I could learn to get along with my mother.
ELIZA : Tell me more about your family

Website - Download - Freeware (Here is an online version)

Quote from the website -
Discuss your most intimate problems with the doctor.
Game? Or therapeutic tool?
Classic example of artificial intelligence run amok.
(22k, 27-Apr-99).
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