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 Email QuickSend - copy web page text and send it in quick emails
Installing QuickSend puts a new item in Internet Explorer's right click menu. I tried it out and it works great. Let's say you are surfing on Ebay and find a great deal on beach umbrellas. Just highlight the text in the ad and right click on it. Chose "Email it" and up pops an email that is filled with the website's address and the text you just selected. The ability to copy in pictures and formatted text is the only thing this program is missing.

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Quote from the website - Hello, this is the home page for QuickSend. QuickSend allows Windows Internet Explorer users to email text selections using the selection's right-click context menu. The email will be pre-filled-in with the page's URL, title, and the selected text. All that's left to do is type in who you want to email. What could be easier?
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