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 Internet Yahoo Toolbar for Firefox - integrated search, access to email and chat
I don't use FireFox but my wife does. She also has several Yahoo mail accounts and uses Yahoo Instant Messenger. I told her about the new Yahoo toolbar for Firefox and she decided to try it. After agreeing to the terms of use, she tried to download it. The darned java script that Yahoo used as a download link wouldn't work in her copy of Firefox so she had to open Internet Explorer to get it to download. Now she should have been able to double click the downloaded file and it should have opened up Firefox's installer tool but nothing happened when she double clicked it. Apparently the file type wasn't registered to Firefox and she had to use "File" "Open File" in Firefox to get it to install. Once she installed it and then shut down and reopened Firefox, the toolbar was there. However, the toolbar buttons on the right side were displaying an error message and wouldn't pop in. Later after she rebooted, the toolbar buttons finally popped in. We tried the anti-spy feature and it worked very nicely.
Conclusion: I don't think the toolbar is ready for us yet. My wife had way too many problems getting this to work. Maybe we'll try again after it's gotten some of the bugs worked out. Many of the more dedicated Firefox users may not have any problems. If you try it out, let me know what happened.

Website - Freeware or Ad supported (most of Yahoo's services are ad supported and Yahoo can collect information it gets from your use of it's services)

Quote from the website -
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