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 Website Shake the Snow Globe - and listen to them scream
Thanks PilgrimDude. I had lost the link to this funny flash website. I ran into it a year or two ago and had a blast playing with it. Load the Globe and be thankful your house isn't in there.
Website - Quote from the website
The Objective
e-tractions thought they had a great idea back in the 2000 holiday season. The Snowglobe was an edgy, engaging, and, hopefully, viral way to show off the company's skill at Internet marketing but it didn't work out quite the way they expected.

The Solution
Snowglobe combines an eerie soundtrack, a Norman Rockwell meets Stephan King storyline, and fun copy to present an irreverent holiday scene. Even with all of this going for it, the campaign did not take off when it was launched in 2000 to a series of email lists and personal contacts. It was soon collecting dust in the archives.

The Results
Then one foggy December eve in 2002, someone came across the site and sent it to a few friends. 4 weeks and 200,000 visits later, e-tractions had grown its fan base on three continents. An article in Marketing Sherpa details the entire campaign.
Clif Notes Freeware and Website Reviews