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 Security Internet Spy - where have your kids been surfing?
This really is Spyware. But you control it. This miniscule application can remain hidden on your system and simply record all the websites that are visited using Internet Explorer with the time and date of the visits. That's all it really does. Sometimes it's a good idea to spy on those we love. I tested it out. While it's recording, it does show in the list of running apps in the Task Manager when you press CTL-ALT-DEL. Also, while Spybot S&D didn't flag it, Adaware picked it up and offered to remove it. So, if you use it, it can be detected by the user if they are curious. It comes with a working uninstaller and I didn't detect it trying to access the internet. I would consider it safe to use, but only if it's really needed.
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Internet Spy is a tiny freeware utility that continuously monitors every Web page accessed on the computer and makes a chronological record of all visited URLs.
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