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 Website - free software, no nasties
Thanks to Jean in Montana for this great tip. They have done some of the same work I do. Look for the best freeware and make sure it's safe to use.
Jean is a security analyst (ASAP 2004) and assistant manager at Windows XP Central on MSN. She also teaches classes for the local Adult Community Education (ACE) program on "Net Nasties".

Website - Cool Website
Quote from the website - There is a lot of excellent free software available today. Unfortunately, over the past couple years the Internet has become littered with deceptive and borderline dangerous software. Many "free" programs threaten your privacy; others clutter your computer with intrusive components.
Don't settle for software riddled with irritating advertising or harmful spyware. Browse our categories to discover excellent free, clean, software.
 Clif Notes Freeware and Website Reviews