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 Website ImageCave - a simple way to host your images for free
I already have a couple of places where I keep internet images for use in webmail and web pages. I thought I'd check this one out because I liked the name. It's got an easy signup. The image upload tools and all the image managment tools work nicely. If you need 10 megabytes of space for your internet images, this one is a good choice.
WebsiteCool Website
Quote from the website -, launched in July 2004, is owned and operated by a husband and wife team, located in the Midwest, who have been involved with internet development and web hosting since the early 1990's. This site uses an advanced hosting system we designed ourselves over the last 10 years.
We handle everything ourselves, from programming, to server design and maintanance, to customer service. Every customer is important to us, and we try to provide a personal level of service you won't find anywhere else.
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