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 Internet 550 Access Toolbar - block popups and enables automatic logon to websites
While I was reading about the features of this toolbar, I was most interested in it's popup blocking, formfilling, and website passkey abilities. After installing I tested the popup blocking. It does a fine job there. I tried the form fill. It's working. When you enable the ad and banner blocking those features worked well. The passkey feature is supposed to fill in login names and passwords for you at web pages that ask for them. I couldn't get this feature to work for me. It could be because I use AI Roboform for the same thing and I wasn't willing to uninstall it to try this one out. The rest of the features worked like they say. One thing I didn't like was that the Toolbar accesses the internet on it's own as soon as I fire up Internet Explorer. I don't know what it's doing that for. Summary: Seems to be safe to use and it may work better for other people than what it does for me.

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Quote from the website -
 Blocks Pop-ups 
 Blocks Search Ads 
 Improves surfing speeds 
 Manages Passwords 
 Automatic Account Logins 
 Includes AutoFill 
 One-click system cleanup 
 Multiple search options 
 Customizable settings
Clif Notes Freeware and Website Reviews