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 Internet File Sharing - what is it? is it safe?
Cristian_650510 wrote in at the Computer Help Club the other day:
Shareaza????? p2p? is this a good p2p guys??? i really want to know beacause!!! iam curious??
I wrote back:
Be careful out there. P2P file sharing is a risky business. If you aren't careful you can download spyware if you try getting free programs from others there. If you just stick to data files (mp3, jpg, avi, mov, and others) you should be fairly safe. I don't recommend any of the file sharing services.. I go to only safe places to get stuff. For example if you want MP3's go to .
Here is another take on file sharing from the PC Mechanic Newsletter. The author, Justin Shin seems to think it's ok  to use file sharing services. He does offer some warnings and also some reviews of the best media players to use.
I'm still not convinced ...

Website - Quote from PC Mechanic Newsletter #65

File sharing is a phrase of dubious meaning. To some, it represents the theft of copyrighted materials and works; to others, a means of freedom in the modern world. Depending on which side of the fence you stand, file sharing has a ubiquitously accepted association - "Napster." However, there is more to file sharing than simply downloading music from online sources. The old "Napster" service, which featured the ability to search for music through a centralized server and download it from peers, was deemed in violation of the law. However, since the fall of "Napster," many alternatives have sprung up to take its place.
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