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 Internet Miranda IM - a multiple chat program, talk to all of your friends
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I downloaded and installed Miranda. It was very easy to install and it runs through a wizard to set you up with the different instant message services. I noticed a couple things it didn't get right. It only asked me for AIM and ICQ information. I had to go looking for the set up forms for Yahoo Instant Messenger and MSN Messenger. I also wandered around awhile trying to figure out how to get it to connect to the services. I found you have to go to the bottom of the window and click on each service then choose "Online". I still haven't figured out how to send files. I don't do that often so it's no big deal to me. After I had everything set up and running, I had four different chat services going at once. AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, and MSN were all very nicely displayed in one window. In addition to the big services, it lets you chat on Jabber and IRC servers too. It keeps a history of your chat and gives you easy access to your friends profiles. It also has links to your web email accounts. The program is very small and it doesn't hog your system resources like other chat clients.

Quote from the website - Miranda IM is a multi protocol instant messenger client. Miranda IM is designed to be resource efficient and easy to use. It uses very little memory and requires no installation. Just unzip and run! This also makes it ideal for users that want to run their messenger client from a removable storage such as an USB memory stick. It can even be stored on a floppy disc if not too many plugins are used.
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