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 Security Program Winsonar 2004 - Protection against unknown programs
  I tried Winsonar out a couple years ago. At the time, I thought the program was a trouble maker. It was always popping up and asking me if it was okay to run a program I just launched, so I stopped using it. Finally after 2 or 3 viruses and a trojan or two, I've come to realize that it may be a pain in the rear for a good reason. It protects you against the number one threat to your PC. YOU!  The next time you download a bug and try to execute it, Winsonar will ask you ... Is this a trusted program? Since the last time I had used it, Winsonar has added a few features that make it even better at it's job.
Quote from the website:  
... designed for process monitoring and system protection from unknown processes: the program detectes new processes permanently installed into memory while system is working off-line, offering also an active Internet protection, by optional automatic termination of any unknown process trying to load itself into memory when the system is on line.
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