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 Internet Accessory Yahoo! Toolbar BETA with Anti-Spy - Internet Explorer toolbar
I'm not sure if I can recommend this one for everyone. I've been trying it out and so far it's not raising any red flags. The Anti-Spy function is very good and it found the remnants of some old spyware in my registry. The toolbar provides a search box for Yahoo! Search and a good pop-up blocker. If you already have a Yahoo! email account you'll like the easy access it provides to your mail. Another frill it adds is a window inside of Internet Explorer that shows your Yahoo! Messenger if you've got that installed. One feature I would like to use is the Online Bookmarks. It's supposed to allow you to upload your IE bookmarks and access them from any PC. Unfortunately the upload failed for me. Overall, I like this toolbar and I may allow it to stay awhile if it behaves itself.
Quote from the website
  • BETA: Find and remove spyware and other unwanted programs
  • Y! Toolbar also comes with Pop-Up Blocker, search tools, personal bookmarks and more...
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