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 Crappy GoogleAdBGone - get rid of all the ads in your browser
This product does seem to block ads and pop ups. It blocks nearly 6000 adsites. On the other hand, I cannot vouch for how well the popup blocker works. The program uses the Windows Hosts file so you should use caution if you are using a customized hosts file. Make sure to back it up before installing. When I tried to uninstall the program I found it had not actually been removed and was still starting at boot time. I also noticed it tried to add a browser helper object file, proxyplugin.dll. The dll is not properly signed with a company name and that is suspicious to me. Finally the license makes reference to third party software which might be installed. That is very scary. Based on all this, I cannot recommend it.
Website - Download - User reviews at - Freeware (not recommended at this time)
Quote from the website - You'll be amazed how faster your internet browsing experience gets with GoogleAdBGone as it significantly reduces the amount of incoming traffic and speeds up browsing by blocking rich media advertisements before they are loaded. It also stops spyware programs from displaying ads and keeping track of your surfing habits by controlling all incoming and outgoing traffic.
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