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 System ERUNT - The Emergency Recovery Utility NT
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This little tool promises to back up the entire Windows XP registry. This would be extremely handy to have so you could backup the registry just before a software install or a Windows Update. It's supposed to allow you to restore these backups when you need them and even when Windows won't boot.
I would have liked to have tried this one myself but I'm running Windows ME. I'm telling you about it because I feel it could be a good tool for the smart Windows XP users out there. Please let me know if you try it and how you felt about it.

Quote from the website - In Windows NT and 2000, the registry is never backed up automatically, and in XP it is backed up only as part of the bloated and resource hogging System Restore program which cannot even be used for a "restore" should a corrupted registry prevent Windows from booting. It has also become impossible to copy the necessary files, now called "hives" and usually named DEFAULT, SAM, SECURITY, SOFTWARE,SYSTEM in the SYSTEM32\CONFIG folder, to another location because they are all in use by the OS.
In 2001, as Windows XP began to come pre-installed on many new homeuser PCs and was likely to become the new Windows standard over the next years, I decided to write a program which offers the ease-of-use of Windows 9x/Me ERU by Microsoft (hence the name ERUNT) to backup the registry, as well as providing an auto-backup capability, for example at Windows startup.
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