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 Internet Grouper - file sharing PC to PC with your friends
Here's another cool tip from CyberGuide. It sounds similar to another one I reviewed called QNext.
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Well, just when I kept on making lavish praise for Sharedfolder, here comes another great tool for sharing files in a private P2P: Grouper.
Grouper is a new Windows based application that allows users to share their personal media within private groups. Grouper uses P2P technology connecting you directly to your friends' hard drives where you can share large files in a safe, encrypted environment. Grouper is a simple install and requires no firewall reconfiguration.
-Create groups for all aspects of your life (friends, family, school, work) 
-You decide which files you want to share with each group.
-Find files quickly via drill down by group(s) > member(s) > media type (s) 
-Search by key word
-Download photos, home movies, documents, and more 
-Unlimited file transfer size
-Stream music directly from your friends' PC's Just like borrowing 
-Create/save playlists from multiple friends

Note: Requires WinXP or  Win2000 and .NET ( I don't like .NET, just my opinion ) Clif
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