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 Website Grahics - cool pictures that are not natural
Thanks to Ben, one of my fellow geeks at work, I checked out this website and I really like the pics this guy put up. This is a one man show. Juergen Eilts plays around with a 3d landscape creation tool called Bryce 3d and posts his best pictures at his website.

WebsiteFAQ - Quote from the website

Who runs Shifted Reality?
Just me, Juergen Eilts. I live in a small town in Germany, close to the Dutch border
How long are you doin' these pictures?
I started to play around with Bryce in early 2000. Just wanted to try out a few things, and I really liked it. My first picture was published on the web on 5-Mar-2000. It's called "Desert" and it's very simple... You can see it in the gallery.
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