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Last month, Ernesto sent me an email describing his search for a good backup tool for his PC. I haven't tried it myself but I thought his trials were worthy of inclusion here.
Abridged quote from Ernesto's letter:
My new PC (two weeks old) did not include the MS Backup program on the main disk drive.
I bought it in one of the stores of a big Department Store Company in Spain.This company sells its own brand of computers, and loads them with Windows XP Home edition (XP HE). They did not provide me with the XP CD (where I expected to found the Backup program, in the "Valueadded" folder).
As my new computer lacked the Backup program I did a two day search for freeware backup programs (in Internet). I found several programs; there were two of them that I thought were the most appropriate for me:
-- SyncBack
-- VersionBackup
The VersionBackup program seems to fit quite well what I was looking for ...
So far I can tell you that, with my brand of computer and my brand of disc drives, the Full Backup is done at a speed of 250 MB/minute, and my daily Incremental Backup requires 30 or 40 seconds (I use my PC just for fun, Internet surfing, e-mail, no work at all... and almost nothing else).
Thanks very much for writing Ernesto, good luck with your new PC.

Quote from the website - (Note: the "VersionBackup Master" program is not free)
VersionBackup and VersionBackup Master are advanced file backup systems, createing backup copies from your changed files each day. But compared to other backup programs, they have a considerably increased functionality:
Other backup software is restricted to the creation of backup copies. Functions to manage the existing backup stock usually are missing. The backup files will be overwritten each time, when a new backup version of a file is created. This way, the generally used backup software provides only the last copied backup for recovery. Older backup versions are not yet present.
VersionBackup and VersionBackup Master do not have these disadvantages. Here, the once created backups will continue existing.
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