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 System StartupRun - control Windows startup entries
I've reviewed some similar utilities like this in the past. They give you added better control over startup programs than what you can get with msconfig. I tried out StartupRun out of curiosity. I was pleasantly surprised right after downloading it when I found it doesn't require a standard install. You just unzip it into a folder and double click it to run it. StartupRun offers an immediate view of the programs that Windows will launch when the computer boots up. The view includes much more information than you'll see in msconfig and many other startup control utilities. A right click on any entry gives you real power to control them. I've also read that it will flag any adware or spyware entries it recognizes in pink to let you know you could be in trouble. I really like this utility and recommend it to everyone who wants to gain a better understanding and control over what's "under the hood" in their PC.

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Quote from the website - The StartupRun utility displays the list of all applications that are loaded automatically when Windows boots. For each application, additional information is displayed (Product Name, File Version, Description, and Company Name), in order to allow you to easily identify the applications that are loaded at Windows startup. if StartupRun identifies a spyware or adware program that runs at startup, it automatically paints it in pink color. In addition, you are allowed to Edit, disable, enable and delete the selected startup entries. You can also save the list of startup items into a text or html files, and even add a new startup entry to the Registry.
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