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 Email FoxMail - free full featured mail client
I tried out FoxMail for a few hours tonight and I was really impressed. In many ways this freeware outclasses Outlook Express. It's got built in spam filters, can recieve POP3, Hotmail, MSN mail. It's got security features to prevent html viruses and spam. It's also fully compatible with YahooPops so you can bring in your free Yahoo mail. One more thing I really liked was the html mail compose tools that even included tables, something which Outlook Express just seems to think we don't need. FoxMail can also completely import Outlook Express accounts and mailboxes as well as export to .eml format.
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Foxmail is one of the most popular Internet email clients, especially in China, with more than 3 million people are using Foxmail to handle their email everyday. The English version is also widely used in more than 20 countries. Foxmail is rated as 5 STAR software by ZDNet.
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