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 Internet Easy Message - Unified IM for ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, and Aol
So far this program has been a breeze to use. Very very small and lite on system resources. Within a few minutes I had all four services running in one window. I haven't checked out all the features but what I've seen so far leads me to believe that it is as good as it's advertised to be.
Quote from the website
  • Send and Receive instant messages
  • Add and remove contacts
  • Get notified when someone adds you to their list.
  • See whether on not your contacts are online
  • See your contacts extended status, (away, be right back, etc.)
  • Set your extended status
  • Send rich text messages. You can change your font and font color, add underline and bold, etc.
  • Use emoticons :) in your conversations. The service specific emoticons are used for the service the conversation is on.
  • Hyperlink support. Automatically make web address in conversations clickable links.
  • Contact group importing and unified group management.
  • Typing notifications allow you to see when others are typing.
  • Block contacts to hide you're online status from them and disallow incoming messages
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