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 Website Anger Central - angriest place on the web
Thanks to CodeSatire for this tip. I saw his post and found the home page where he found some of these websites. I nearly died laughing at some of the rants and ravings posted there. Feel free to submit a new rant. If it's a good one you'll be added to the website. The webmaster there has some good rants himself. Check out his FAQ page.
Website - Cool Website
Quote from the website - Welcome to the Angriest place on the web! Feeling annoyed? Has someone really pissed you off? Are you a disgruntled postal employee? Well this is the place for you. Why sit in your office and get all hot and bothered about that pointy haired boss, totally stupid co-workers, your mother in-law or anything else that makes you want to fly off the handle? Don't keep it in, share it with the entire world!
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