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 Desktop TimeTrek - time to wake up
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My wristwatch strap is broken. I always use the alarm on my watch to wake me up during short lunchtime naps. How will I ever catch up on sleep after wandering the internet all night long? I didn't have my watch so I did a quick search online for alarm programs. This one is fairly easy to use and I sure like being able to choose the wakeup sound I want. I picked the sound of a phone ringing. Who's there? Oh! It's time to wake up.

Quote from the website - A Simple clock, with some very interesting features not found in any other clock program. Displays the time, date, day of week. Includes an Alarm, plus a Countdown & Countup type display. If your looking for a good clock for your computer, you have found it.
# Display date & time, and current day of week(of course)
# Display of TimeTrek almost completely customizable
# Multiple Alarms(Hourly/Daily and Single Alarms)
# Play MP3, WAV or Midi files for Alarm(s), and/or Countdown Timer
# Countdown/Countup to/from selected date & time (to the second)
# Small Desktop footprint
# Works with Multiple users(each with their own settings)
# Minimize to System Tray(next to clock in Taskbar) & Minimize at Startup
# Displays current phase of Moon
# Dock at corner of screen(with regards to Taskbar placement)
# Works with other country settings besides U.S.
# Option to change Time/Date(uses Control Panel Applet)
# Analog clock display with color change options
# Display Date in both US and Non-US formats.
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