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Editors HTMLGate FREE - all in one html editor
An A+ web publishing tool. I find it to be extremely powerful and full featured despite it's comparatively small download size. The Fastedit mode is perfect for html newbies and the CodeEdit mode is full of time saving short cuts for more experienced users. I've personally corresponded with the author and he is very receptive to any suggestions or bug reports. All things considered this is one of those programs that I have trouble believing is free. I hope it stays free a while longer
Website - Quote from the website

The most efficient and powerful web-editor, whether you're an experienced web professional or just a novice starting with your first web site, it is the complete set of features and tools you need to design, build and publish web sites in less time and with great results!
The FastEdit (WYSIWYG) takes you one further step into better design and the W3's HTML Tidy helps you to easily check and reformat your web-documents after the W3 standard.
Other features includes FTP, ToDo Manager, HTML compressor, image effects, image converters, GIF animator, GIF SizeOptimizer and many other exciting features and tools.
Clif Notes Freeware and Website Reviews