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 Security CWShredder 2.0 - the return of a vital antispyware tool
Dutch college student Merijn Bellekom was fighting a one man war against the most vicious browser hijacker on the web, CoolWebSearch. His freeware program CWShredder was able to detect and successfully remove it. Unfortunately for us, he retired from the fight in June and CWS has not been updated until now. He sold the rights of the program to Intermute, an antispyware company. They are now offering an updated version for free download. His website was under hacker attack quite often and I expect to see the same happen for InterMute. Download a copy now while you still can.
Website - Download - Quote from the website
CWShredder Version 2.0 is the latest defense against the new Cool Web Search variants ...
If you want to download the standalone version of CWShredder, you can do that ...
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