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 Grahics sTile - create seamless tiles for web backgrounds
AuntieCanuck at the WebDesign group offered me these great tips on using sTile to make backgrounds for webpages.
Remember to use a proper seamless tile for a background. I use sTile a lot. I just use it to blur or soften, or to make a graphic appear "seamless".
sTile also lets you create things from scratch from what I can see.  Like gradient backgrounds for instance.  But I found the interfaces for that to be quite confusing, and making any change seems to overwrite the original instead of just updating it.  I also found I couldn't do a rollback with the 'undo' either.
Also I notice that sTile backgrounds do not seem to suffer at all when you optimize them.  Lots of other backgrounds made with other tools seem to suffer around the edges, and optimizing them results in a loss of the nice "seamless" effect, so that's a plus with sTile too.  I think that is noteworthy.
ALWAYS retain a copy of the original graphic in case you mess it up along the way, or saving copies as you make changes to them along the way.  Also, if you don't like the effect when you try one of the various filters, etc., it's important to hit the "undo" before trying another one (well, except for the exceptions where undo doesn't work....) 
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Quote from the website - sTile is a program designed to create 'Seamless Tiles'; small images that, when lined up adjacent with itself, makes a seamless pattern with no discernible borders. It can do other things, but that was (and still is) its primary purpose.  It is based on gradients, the gradual shading from one color to another.  Best results for 3D look is to use a light color and a dark color for the gradient.  After the gradient, there are numerous 'filters' and 'distortions' that can be applied to the image to alter the appearance in a variety of ways.
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