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 Security MSN Phishing Scam still making the rounds
Twinkie at ComputerHelpClub wrote: I received a message from MSN thru email as follows:  Dear MSN Customer,  During one of our regular automatic verification procedures we've encountered a technical problem ... We urgently ask you to submit your information so that we could fully verify your identity ...
Twinkie was asking if she should reply to them. As a general rule, never click on links in an email that requests information. Always go to the website of the business on your own to verify that they need information from you. This email is a scam and several members replied telling Twinkie about it. Shannon at ComputerHelpClub wrote in to tell us about where you can learn about recent scams and report them.

Quote from - The term 'phishing' is like 'social engineering' because the sender of the message is trying to fool you into disclosing your private information.  Phishing sites look very much like or "exactly" like the target site, often this is enough to get people to believe them. 
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