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 Security HOSTEdit - an all in one tool for handling HOSTS files
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If you don't know what the Windows HOSTS file is then you may be missing an opportunity to block ads, cookies, and entire websites that you don't like. If you use the HOSTS file, then this is a tool you should try. It's like a swiss army knife for working with large HOSTS files. The download is small and all you have to do is unzip the download and run it. This is a tool that might be good for a portable troubleshooting kit.

Quote from the website -
HOSTEdit allows fast manipulation of the Windows HOST file.
Block sites, adverts, and hostile IP addresses. Redirect requests to any site to any IP address.
Originally created to allow myself and other network administrators to quickly change the HOST file on a large number of systems fast.
HOST file creation and manipulation
Backup and resort your HOST files
HOST combining
Duplicate checking and saving
Formatting and comment removal
Import from HOST file
Generate Windows HOST file
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