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 Website and PhotoSite AlbumBuilder
If you need a place to host your electronic photos I think you might want to try this one out. It sounds great, and it's free!
They offer a freeware tool called AlbumBuilder to help you build and upload your personal album. I haven't had time to really try this out yet, but I'm just waiting for a break in the action to give it a go.

Website - Download - Quote from the website

1. Personal Web address
   Make it easy for visitors to return to your site with your own, custom URL.
2. Flexible organization
   Create unlimited albums and photoblogs and show them off using one of 24 styles.
3. Privacy controls
   Control access by password-protecting or hiding private albums.
4. Camera phone-enabled
   NEW! View albums and publish photos right from your camera phone.
Clif Notes Freeware and Website Reviews