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Editors Cascade DTP - web page editor using CSS
Cascade DTP editor is a web page composition tool with lots of features. The editor isn't WYSIWYG but has a quick preview feature. One of the main features is the ability to add text and pictures in "boxes". Each box has it's own set of properties that apply to the content inside them. The boxes can also be dragged around in the editor for absolute placement. Cascade makes use of CSS in order to control the style of the page and all the boxes in it. I had no trouble installing it and the help features were adequate to get me started. I liked the program but I'm an old fashioned man when it comes to editing web pages. I probably won't use it. I do most of my editing using notepad and Outlook Express.
Thanks to Roma at the WebDesign Group for the tip.

Website - Freeware

Quote from the website - Cascade DTP is different. Nearly all its functions are based entirely on the CSS layout model. The result is far cleaner code and much enhanced control over positioning and typography. This typically means pages download quicker because it is no longer necessary to convert text to images in order to give headings and logos the desired look.
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