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 Internet BitTorrent - a new way to share and download files
I'm sure this isn't news to some of you. For the rest, I'll just say, this is very cool! File sharing networks are a hazardous place to get your files. The worst part about them is the fact that someone could be tracking your uploads and downloads. BitTorrent downloads are different. It might be possible to track you if you use BitTorrent but it sure wouldn't be easy. It works because you are getting the file from many different PC's at once and those PC's are owned by people just like you and me. The more popular a file is, the faster it will download to you.

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Quote from the website - You have something terrific to publish -- a large music or video file, software, a game or anything else that many people would like to have. But the more popular your file becomes, the more you are punished by soaring bandwidth costs. If your file becomes phenomenally successful and a flash crowd of hundreds or thousands try to get it at once, your server simply crashes and no one gets it. There is a solution to this vicious cycle. BitTorrent, the result of over two years of intensive development, is a simple and free software product that addresses all of these problems.
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