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 Graphics Smiley Vault - freeware smiley gifs
I sure see a lot of requests from people who want to use smileys on their website or in their email. If you want free smileys you can have nearly 1800 of them for free at David Pye's website. He's got lots of other cool stuff there too. Here also is a quick tutorial on using smileys in email.
Quote from the website - Freeware
A tad under 1,800 animated and still smiley gifs. Express your emotions in emails, web pages, letters etc by adding a smiley. There are glad, sad and mad ones - grumpy, jumpy and frumpy ones - happy, rappy and crappy ones - there are even smilies driving cars, flying planes, with hats, talking, crying, sighing and dying. This is in html (web) format and has been set up with an installer, so just click and enjoy!
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