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 System Registry Commander - alternative to regedit
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Registry Commander is a good alternative to the typical regedit.exe that comes with every copy of Windows. It allows you to do many things that regedit doesn't do. It's a simple download and install. The interface could use some improvement. I especially didn't like having to hit F12 to see the root hives. I think that should be the default view. After I tried this one, I still prefer using Registrar Lite or RegMagiK.
Quote from the website - - Use this application as an alternative for the registry editor that comes with windows (REGEDIT.EXE).
- Registry Commander can do what all other registry editors can't such as cut/copy/paste, advanced search, change value type (string => binary), bookmark of keys and values, support of other types than just strings, dword and binary values.
- A thing I never understood is why no registration database editors showed the size of the value data, this is properly one of the things that made me create this application!
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