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 Email Mail2Web - pick up your pop3 email from any computer
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I have known about Mail2Web for a while...A service which allows you to access any email anywhere without the need to register. I never gave much thought to it as I hardly used POP mail, confining myself to web-based alternatives such as Hotmail and Yahoo.

However, ever since I acquired of the SPV smartphone, I truly believe that mail2web is a great blessing in disguise for all those with a PDA wanting to access email on the move.

In addition to its ability to check any email (not fully tested!), I love the simple interface and options for 'PDA' and 'WAP', simply ideal for wireless PDA's and doubt saving us some valuable data connection charges! Watch out the brilliant customization feature...Thanks Mail2Web!!!

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Quote from the website - Pick Up Your Email From any computer, anywhere in the world. No need to register!
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