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 Internet  Sleipnir - tabbed web browsing from Japan
I tried out this new tabbed web browser called Sleipnir. It's a Japanese/English browser that looks very much like Avant, SlimBrowser, and Maxathon (MyIE2) browsers. I like all the features it has but I didn't really find anything new. I wouldn't expect too much luck with finding any help on it unless your can read Japanese. It looks as though the author has made this browser highly customizable which is a big plus. I give it a five star rating because it works well and I had no problems at all using it, even if I can't read Japanese.

Japanese Website - Translation to English - Download - Translation from the website

Feature of tab browser Sleipnir
 Many functions and high speed operation
 Actualizing GUI which it is easy to use in anyone
 Powerful customization of Office wind
 As for key bind all modification possibilities
 Customization possible
 The extensions with plug ins
 The extensions by the abundant scripts
 Modification function of the substantial outline by the skin
 The tab management which is due to window summary and is superior
 The security management which is superior
 Automation of the search flow with IntelliSearch
 Supporting Bookmarklet
 The favorite editor is easy to use
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