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 Security Spoofing, Spam, and Phishing email in Outlook Express
I just got an email telling me that my Wells Fargo account is suspended because some guy in Europe is trying to access it. They want me to follow a link in their email to their website so I can change my password.
I don't have a Wells Fargo account. If I did, what would I do? Can I trust this message?
When I get an email from someone I don't know in my Outlook Express, I don't open it. I right click on the email then click Properties, and go to the Detail tab.
Right away I notice the email isn't really from or anyplace I recognize. It says - Received: from - and I could do an IP lookup to see where it was sent from, but I didn't this time.
Now I click on the Message Source button at the bottom and maximize the window to see it better.
Wow! It's all HTML. Most businesses will send plain text as well. It's not there. If you can't read any of the email here or it's got a bunch of nonsense words or sentences, the email is spam or worse. Just delete it.
Also, I found the HTML code for the link they want you to follow. Well, I don't expect you to know HTML but I can tell you the link won't log you into your Wells Fargo account. It actually sends you to wellsifargo. Notice the "i" in there? Don't trust emailed links to take you where you expect to go.
People are still falling for these scams. Don't let them fool you too ...
Website - Tip (Here is a website that gives you more details on the Wells Fargo letter)
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