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 Website Popular Science - a good magazine and great website
Many years ago, I used to go to the library to read up on the science magazines. Popular Science was always a favorite of mine. Now I can go to the website to see what's new. They also offer to email you a newsletter each month with a few articles in it. They also want you to pay a little money to subscribe. I don't think so.
Website - Cool Website
Article from the website - All Hail the Eco-Throne - When Mother Nature calls, show her a little respect. A good toilet is one you donít have to worry about. But given that toilets consume a third of a householdís water, they merit some consideration. In 30 years, their gallons-per-flush (gpf) rating in the U.S. fell from 7 to 5 to 3.5 to 1.6 in 1992, when federal law mandated that builders use low-flush toilets. The problem was, they didnít flush well ... continued
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