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 Grahics Capture Me - timed screen shots for tutorials or spying
Capture Me can be used to spy on other users on your computer. I found that it may also be used to help you make tutorials through the use of the timed screen shots. The program saves bitmaps of the screen at timed intervals so you can see exactly what's been happening while the program was running. The description below looks to be poorly translated English so I'll fill you in. Install it. Set the configuration by choosing the path for the screen shots. Set the timer. Save the settings and click start to start the screen captures. Click "Hide Me" if you don't want the program to be obvious to an unsuspecting user. The author claims it can log any text typed in but I haven't figured that out yet. Everything considered, this program is just great for what it does.
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Ever wondered what others see - look at while on your computer or what they are typing "Capture Me" shows you "Just that" Just set the "timer" to start clicking what others see on your "Computer" then click "Hide Me" also able to "Capture" what is being typed, no hidden extras user must start "Capture Me" from the "menu" or make a shortcut to the "Desktop" right click "Icon" to view "Main Panel" after setting it to hide, Information supplied
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