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 Security Prevx Home - "zero day" infection protection
Awhile back I reviewed Qwik-Fix Pro which works very similar to this tool. Many people didn't like it (including me) and later uninstalled it. If you tried that one you might like this one better. It only works under Win2k and WinXP so I can't use it, and I can't really say it's all that great. Only time will tell.

Website - Download - Quote from the website

Download Prevx Home now to:
*Stop ‘Buffer Overflow’ attacks used by Internet worms (such as Sasser) and hackers
*Stop the installation of malicious files
*Stop malicious modification of critical files and directories
*Stop frequently used attacks on Internet Explorer
*Stop unauthorized changes to critical areas of the registry
*Stop covert modification of start-up scripts
Home computer users remain vulnerable to each new (‘Zero Day’) cyber-attack during the critical period between the launch of a new attack and a “signature” update becoming available. Spyware tools only detect and clean up installed malware AFTER the infection has happened. Often threats are missed entirely by traditional security tools.
Prevx Home STOPS ‘Zero Day’, Spyware and hack attacks and STOPS malicious software from installing on your PC.
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