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 System HotKeyControlXP - save yourself some typing
Sometimes updating my reviews pages is a real pain. I had to open my email and save 66 emails as HTML code and I wasn't looking forward to it. Suddenly I had a brainstorm. Why don't I try out HotKeysControl to automate this job for me. I downloaded and installed it with no problem. 10 minutes later I'd figured out how to use it. 5 minutes after that the job of converting all those files was done. Did I save any time? Yes, I think I saved about 20 minutes of tedious work. This program is going to stay around here awhile.
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Quote from the website - Hotkeycontrol XP is a complete hotkey utility that allows you to set hotkeys to do common tasks like opening files, ejecting your cdrom drives, restarting your computer, controlling active windows, controlling Windows media player and Winamp 3, changing volume, typing in commonly used text (macros) and much more. Besides the regular features, the volume status can be shown on the screen (OSD) or  in the tray. You can also display any information on screen for easy access. The program is completely customizable in all aspects and has a great interface. Also the additional keys on your existing Multimedia/Internet keyboard can be used with Hotkeycontrol XP and all the hotkeys are functional even in games and in other full-screen DirectX applications.
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