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Grahics Advanced Effect Maker - easily create flash banners for your website
The freeware edition of Advanced Effect Maker is a great way to get quick and easy flash banners on your web pages. I had made a banner within minutes of downloading and installing the tool.
Tips: Advanced Effect Maker puts all the files it creates in a subfolder called "projects" under the "C:\Program Files" installation folder. It will create a web page "html" and a flash file "swf" for each project that you customize. Once you've located the html file, just double click it to open it and cut and paste what you need from it into your own pages or email.
Thanks to Cyberguide at for pointing this program out to me.

Website - Download - Freeware

Quote from the website -
* Unlimited creation of Flash and JavaScript effects for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.
* Send Flash e-mails to your friends.
* Convert True Type Fonts and use them in your effects (only available in Windows platforms).
* Create Screensavers of your Flash effects (only available in Windows platforms).
* The commercial edition has 214 effects, the hobby edition has 70 effects and the freeware edition has 40 effects.
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