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 Help Zeliah at - help for the heart
I don't often express my emotions well. It's just as well that I mainly comment of software programs. If you ever need to hear someone who can really express emotion and do it well, come and visit Zeliah. She's got depth, and she's a great model for all the geek girls out there. If she ever offers advice to you, I'd recommend you listen hard.
Website - Quote from the website
To get to know me is easy, it is never about what you look like?, what you earn?, where you live?, what you have?, what your status is?. I want to know who you are when life throws you an obstacle, and what you believe in when faith is nowhere to be found. I want to be your secret diary, your innermost sanctum, the one you go to, when you need to feel whole. You will know what lies in my heart only when I can see what lies in the center of your soul. I am still finding my path, my destiny, have you found yours?
 Clif Notes Freeware and Website Reviews