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 Help Using Thunderbird For RSS Subscriptions
Thunderbird Website - Tip
Tip from Brett: For quite some time, Iíve been using the excellent Mozilla Thunderbird as my default email client. Lately Iíve been using Thunderbird to manage my RSS subscriptions as well. It is quite convenient to have just the one application to handle both your email and RSS feeds. more ...
Thanks Brett, I didn't know that Thunderbird would do that. I haven't made the switch to it yet, but I may sometime soon. I get all my RSS feeds while using Firefox and the Sage extension.
RSS feeds help you keep up with frequently changing websites. The idea is that you open your RSS feed reader and you will get updates on all the websites that you have subscribed to. Clif Note's Newsletter has an RSS feed. So does Brett's Software Reviews. Just copy those links into your feed reader.
Be sure to check out Brett's review of Thunderbird, Thunderbird is a good freeware replacement for Outlook Express.
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