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 Website Toledo Zoo - a cool website but better in person
This weekend I went to see the animals. My wife, my folks and I all had a great time and we were exhausted at the end of the day. After I got back, I checked out the website. I could've really planned my journey better if I'd gone there first. Below, I included a picture of me petting (or being eaten by) a rhinoceros. Actually, I'm standing in front of a large wall poster.

Website - Cool Website
Help! I think this Rhino is hungry!
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Quote from the website - Welcome to The Toledo Zoo's website. We think you'll find it fun, informative, and very easy to navigate. Whether you're looking for details about our animal collection, membership information, a listing of events and education classes, or you're simply looking for directions to get to the Zoo, you'll find exactly what you need right here.
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