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 Help Weekly System Maintenance - a tip from me to you
Another week passes and it's time again for weekly maintenance. I really have to put extra time in to keep this old WindowsME system from self-destruction. Here's what I did this morning.

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  1. Booted to floppy and ran Scandisk.
  2. While still in DOS ran
delindex.bat to remove IE cache and temp files. (Win9x only)
  3. Boot to Windows, ran
RegSeeker to clean registry out.
  4. Updated and ran
  5. Updated and ran
Spybot S&D.
  6. Updated and ran
A2 looking for trojans, keyloggers, and dialers.
  7. Updated and ran
AVG 7 Free antivirus.
  8. Opened up
WinPatrol and peeked at the following to make sure nothing new popped in.
     a. Startup Programs
     b. IE Helpers
     c. Scheduled Tasks
     d. Cookies (now emptied because of delindex)
     e. Hosts file checking for new entries I didn't put there.
  9. Kill all running processes except Systray and Explorer then run Diskeeper Lite to defrag the hard drive. (for Win9x mostly)
10. Run BigFix to check on my system security for updates.
11. Go to Windows Update and check on updates for Internet Explorer and Outlook Express

Done! But it took about 3 hours altogether. Nothing detected, No problems.
After I did all that, I rebooted and the system seemed a little snappier.
That could be my imagination, but I feel safer now knowing nothing sneaked in this week.

Bad stuff sometimes still get's into my PC because I am it's worst enemy.
I download and run software by the dozens and sometimes I get burned.

I use
Opera internet browser as my default for surfing the internet in general.
It doesn't have any
Active-X in it to help the spyware get in.
I still use Internet Explorer at certain websites like MSN Groups where I feel safe.
I test both browsers at to make sure their security is up to date.
I use WinPatrol as Intrusion Detection so that I get notified when some program tries
to change my system settings.

I also have a
NAT router as a firewall.
I use a good software firewall in addition, like
ZoneAlarm free.
I use an old copy of ZA because I don't want to take the additional system load on.

That's all for now - you can try all these at home - I recommend it ...
Everyone,  have a good day.
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