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 Internet TrueWallet - remembers website logins and credit card info
I wanted to try out this program because I've found that a good internet integrated password manager is priceless when you surf the web as much as I do. I normally use AI Roboform but I have chosen to use an older freeware version since the newer versions of AI Roboform are no longer freeware and are crippleware instead. TrueWallet matches every feature that AI Roboform has and it's newest version is free. I did have a small concern when I read the EULA because it said that the TrueSuite tools may record some anonymous information on their servers. Another concern I had was that the TrueAssistant suite manager pops into the system tray. I've got enough system tray icons already. The TrueWallet toolbar is added to Internet Explorer for easy access, just like AI Roboforms toolbar. TrueWallet's toolbar does have a nice added search entry form for using the most popular search engines. Except for those concerns, I think TrueWallet is a real winner. Is it better than AI Roboform? I'll call it a tie for now.

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Easily fill out forms with your personal and credit card information. Also helps you manage your website logins.
Have you ever forgotten your online passwords? Are you tired of entering your personal information or username and password for every website you visit? If so, TrueWallet is your answer to these problems!
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