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 Crappy Penguin Panic at SafeDownloads dot net - play games with adware
I was checking out a "freeware" site and I thought I'd try out this cool "free" game called Penguin Panic. It looked like fun. I started up my Install monitoring program and began installing it. The first screen said that this program is spyware free. The second screen wanted me to install (adware) and it also told me I had to install more of it's "sponsor" programs. I quit while I was ahead. The interesting thing about it for me was tracking the source. I noticed the download was coming from (sounds safe doesn't it?). The affiliates listed at the bottom of the safedownloads home page are: WhenU, comScore, and That's almost like a who's who listing of adware companies. I found the Penguin Panic program listed as freeware at several websites with the file coming from the same source and also which is blocked on my PC by at least one of my security programs. I even found this program reviewed at a freeware forum I post in. I'll be sure to let them know about this. If you ever go to any of the websites below, BEWARE.

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