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 System 2xExplorer - a file explorer for power users
2xExplorer is one of the best free dual pane file browsers. It has multitudes of tools with a simple interface. The installation is simple, you just unzip the files into a new folder and double click it to run. Tip: I dropped a shortcut to 2xExplorer onto my Start button. All I have to do is hit the Windows key and the number 2 and 2xExplorer will launch.

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Quote from the website - 2xExplorer does whatever the windows explorer will do for file management, but goes much further, filling some glaring omissions in this product:
*Dual pane layout, with intelligent communication between two independent panes
*Powerful selection engine, for easily building up selection patterns for items before file operations
*File filters, both for selecting and for displaying files
*Drivebar navigation, for accessing quickly all the drives installed on a computer
*Keyboard shortcuts for nearly all its commands, for efficient everyday use
*Complete file date information, utilizing Creation and LastAccessed information as well as the normal Modification date.
*Proper path resolution, including UNC and relative paths (e.g. "C:" as opposed to "C:\")
*Printing of folder contents, find results and other statistics
*Proper file sorting, based on extension (alphabetically)
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