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 Security All-in-One Secretmaker  - mulitfunction security tool
I've never used this product, but I'm really impressed that they've gotten so many five star ratings at all the freeware sites. This sounds like one of the first things you should install on a pc for an inexperienced user. I'll get around to trying it out one of these days, but don't let me stop you from trying it on your own.

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All-in-One SECRETMAKER combines 8 powerful tools in 1 freeware software package
* Spam Fighter Pro - outstanding multilevel anti spam filter solution for stopping junk emails
* Worm Hunter - protects you from spreading email viruses to your friends
* Pop-Up Killer - sophisticated and smart, blocks disturbing advertising windows
* Banner Blocker - avoids banners, speeds up browsing, reduces online access costs
* Cookie Eraser - prevents profiling through cookies, saved by Microsoft Explorer
* Privacy Protector - exchanges tracking information, state-of-the-art solution
* History Cleaners - prevents betrayal, deletes history logs, speeds up your computer
* Garbage Cleaner - removes from programs left over garbage from the hard drive
Only All-in-One SECRETMAKER gives you all these powerful tools in a single, easy to use freeware package.
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