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 Internet Context Menu Extensions for Internet Explorer
My friend Subhash from India has writtten some very useful right click menu extensions for Internet Explorer. He started with a few and now there are over a dozen menu extensions. I found Subhash's site over a year ago and ever since then I've been corresponding with him. I asked him if he could make a menu extension that does the same thing that TransURL does. He whipped out an extension in record time and now I can escape html frames in Hotmail and other websites.
Website - Freeware (click on the pictures to download)

Quote from the website - To copy the address of a link in Internet Explorer, it takes 2 clicks. But to copy the address of an image, it takes at least 5 clicks. A bit tedious, don't you think? To make things like this more easier, I had created the Context Menu Extensions For IE. After you install this, the context menu will have 15 new menu options inside Internet Explorer
  1. Copy All Image Addresses (default)
  2. Copy All Hyperlink Addresses (default)
  3. Copy Image Addresses (on an image)
  4. Set Text Size To Medium (on selected text)
  5. Copy HTML Code (on selected text)
  6. Open Frame In New Window (default)
  7. Highlight Text (on selected text)
  8. Open Link In Same Window (on hyperlink)
  9. Google Search (on selected text)
  10. Altavista Search (on selected text)
  11. MSN Search (on selected text)
  12. AOL Search (on selected text)
  13. Daypop Search (on selected text)
  14. Google Translate (default)
  15. Open Encoded Link in New Window (on hyperlink)
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